• Alex Mennie

    Alex Mennie

    "But you could never kiss a Tory boy without wanting to cut off your tongue again"

  • Malcolm Duffin

    Malcolm Duffin

    Dad, Dogs, Discos

  • lukaswhite


    Freelance PHP, web, Drupal and mobile developer based in Manchester, England. Huddersfield Town fan, for my sins.

  • RE Benjamin

    RE Benjamin

    Husband, Father, Cyclist, Author, Lover of Green Chile — Author Journey (www.rebenjamin.com) Founder — Author Stash (www.authorstash.com)

  • Emma Cownie

    Emma Cownie

    Landscape painter. Inspired by light and colour. Living in Wales & Donegal. www.emmafcownie.com

  • Stuart Dredge

    Stuart Dredge

    Scribbler about apps, digital music, games and consumer technology. Skills: slouching, typing fast. Usually simultaneously.

  • Neil Claxton

    Neil Claxton

    Was Mint Royale, now essentially a musical vagrant. There will be typos.

  • Adam Lowe

    Adam Lowe

    Adam is the co-founder of mobile storytelling app unrd and Chief Creative Officer. He oversees all Original and IP on the platform.

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