One of the things I’ve long admired about the United States of America, is how it documents itself. For better or worse, the USA keeps all its photos and home movies, and it’s as close to an indigenous folk art as it has outside of jazz.

TV, movies, long-form journalism, sports montages, rolling news, podcasts with low vibrations about razor tense subjects, vlogs, streams, records — there’s not a feeling America hasn’t had that hasn’t been turned into something the rest of us can gawp at.

One of America’s high watermarks is its photojournalism — no-one does it quite like…

Hollywood isn’t exactly known for treating its actors fairly — they’re generally things that are prodded and poked, and gawped at so they can represent some kind of fantasy version of humans on the silver screen. They have to be wittier, more complex, more interesting, and of course, more beautiful.

Here’s a story that should make you feel pretty lousy.

We all know superhero movies are a vehicle for all our fantasies of seeing someone in action who is all the super things we’re not — but of course, actual humans have to play these roles, so they have to…

What’s the worst record ever made? It’s a daft, absolutely not-serious question I asked on Twitter. It’s lighthearted loathing, where everyone gets to yell about something for a bit, but obviously, there’s also technically no right or wrong answers, because music is subjective and blah blah blah.


I started the bidding with Chumbawamba’s ‘Tubthumping’. My case against it is something to do with the fact that it feels like 4 songs badly welded together, and each one of those separate components could have been the worst song ever made in their own right.

Add to this, the vague posturing…

Mention ‘Aminalympics’ out loud, and chances are, it’ll be met with a shrug. However, sometimes you bring it up, and you’ll see a person’s eyes widen because they haven’t brought it to the front of their mind since they watched in the school holidays a billion years ago.

Of course, there’s a small number of people who are solid fans of the film — regardless of where you land on all this, welcome to this piece, which is basically in praise of something I think is a forgotten gem.

So what is ‘Animalympics’? Well, it is a 1980 feature length…

When I was first buying records, UK punk obviously walloped onto my radar. It’s everything a teenagers wants — obnoxious, loud, and if you had any aspirations of playing guitar, you were told it was easy as shit to play. Then you find out barre chords make your hand hurt.

The first LP by Buzzcocks (always adamant that there’s no ‘The’), ‘Another Music in a Different Kitchen’, was instant love. I’d heard ‘Ever Fallen in Love (With Someone You Shouldn’t’ve)’ and it wasn’t on it. Undeterred, I threw it on and the rest of punk seemed too blokey and tuneless.

In 2018, America’s Republican party is a mess, thanks to Donald Trump steering the GOP into a cesspit, and basically saying “No. I meant to do that. You’re the idiot if you think this wasn’t the plan all along.”

When it comes to conservative America, I think of Hank Hill. Hank’s an old-school guy in Arlen, Texas — working at Strickland Propane (‘taste the meat — not the heat’) — and drinking beers with his buddies, eating beef, fixing stuff with his hands, and is generally being the prototypical small-town American.

He’s small ‘c’ conservative, and so indicative of a…

There’s talk of a new bar opening in Manchester dedicated to ‘Madchester’, and of course, there’s been a very mixed response to it, ranging from “Nice one, top one” to “This is the worst thing I’ve ever heard”.

The truth of the matter is that people can set up whatever business they want and we can all exercise our right to go, or not go, and that much is obvious and not in any way fun to talk about.

Martin Bryant wrote a thoughtful piece (here) saying that, while he wasn’t particularly impressed at the idea, maybe the city should…

Women’s fashion is amazing. It’s engineering in action. There was a really amazing Twitter thread which went into everything that goes into the tailoring and construction of women’s fashion, and the level of thought and detail that goes into their clothes.

You can read the thread here, and it is genuinely one of the most interesting things I’ve read.

I’ve long admired the variety in women’s fashion, compared to what you get with men’s*. For a start, look at the colour palate that women have compared with men — go to a club on a Friday night, and you’ll see…

I: How It All Began

I wasn’t too great in class — I was a friendly kid, but not so good at paying attention to what was going on. I guess you might call it ADHD these days, or something, but I’m not too sure about that. Just hyperactive, maybe.

However, one day my whole world was turned upside down — rock ’n’ roll. I used to sit in my dad’s car and tune the radio into the local station. That’s when I heard Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, and Buddy Holly. When I was 14, I got my first guitar…

It’s remarkable, that for a band as well written about as The Beatles, that there’s any surprises left. Yet, seeing as they were a band that always left the tapes running, and budgets weren’t really an issue, there’s so much to be found if you’re digging deep into their careers both as a band, and solo.

There’s countless non-Anthology out-takes from dodgy bootlegs and the like, over on YouTube, and people have got their hands on the tapes and released the multitracks of some of the most famous songs ever recorded, so if you want to just listen to the…

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